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TEKNOPLUS YAPI maintains its leadership power in the sector by providing quality and economical services to its customers.

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What is Waterproofing?

Water leaking in buildings, together with factors that reduce comfort such as moisture and damp, cause serious damage to your building and cause life-threatening dangers. It is important that the waterproofing is made in one piece during the construction process in the buildings. However, it is possible to solve the water problems after the construction.

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TEKNOPLUS YAPI has undertaken huge projects in waterproofing and provides service throughout Turkey with its high quality and reliable team. Our company provides comprehensive service from bottom to top and has the capacity to respond to all kinds of projects. TEKNOPLUS YAPI maintains its leadership power in the sector by providing quality and economical services to its customers.

Respect for Human

The importance we attach to business and social human relations is the motivation of our work. It ensures customer satisfaction.

Respect for Nature

We attach importance to our understanding of not harming nature and the environment and being beneficial in our services.

Emphasis on Technology

We produce higher quality services in a shorter time by using new technologies.

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We Protect From Water, Moisture and Humidity

Our experienced and talented team carries out the projects specially prepared for you with applications specific to your structure. The reason for our success is that we work with team spirit.

Customer Comments

Viridis Construction Manager

Emre Yiğit

We gave our company's Çengelköy and Reşadiye projects to Teknoplus Yapı upon recommendation. We were very pleased with their working systems and experienced teams. We decided to work with them on our new projects. Thanks to the owner of the company, Orkun, for his interest and sincerity.

Çelik Construction Project Manager

Oğulcan Malkoç

We have been working with Teknoplus Yapı for waterproofing works for 6 years. In the project, things do not always go as they should and instant solutions are required. We would like to thank all the team who always contributed to the solution and completed the work in such cases.

Royal Blue Istanbul Management Manager

Ali Bey

They pinpointed all the water problems in our project. On behalf of my company, we would like to thank Mr. Orkun, the owner of the company, for his interest and help.

Zoom Construction Company Owner

Cenap Modanlıoğlu

I would like to thank you for the timely delivery of the waterproofing of our TeknoPlus Yapı project and for their interest.

Şener Construction Project Manager

Hakan Okumuş

We would like to thank TeknoPlus Yapı for completing the insulation works of our project, which includes 268 residences and 26 shops, and for unconditionally repairing the crack in our landscape insulation due to the earthquake and giving the job its due

Barın Construction Company Owner

Ömer Faruk Aksu

I found TeknoPlus Construction Company on the Internet. We were very pleased with a professional team and fast turnaround. I congratulate the company whose service quality is already excellent and wish them continued success. I give positive feedback to all companies that call for reference.

CRH Construction Company Owner

Soner Çoruh

The company we have been working with for years. They have never disappointed in price and work. We will continue to work on our projects.

Panorama34 Construction Company Owner

Selçuk Büyükyılmaz

We worked with TeknoPlus Yapı in 2014 upon recommendation. Since then, all of our projects have been doing the waterproofing works themselves. We are very happy as a company. I will gladly give references to anyone who comes into contact with me.

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