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TEKNOPLUS YAPI maintains its leadership power in the sector by providing quality and economical services to its customers.

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About Us

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About Us

About Us

TEKNOPLUS YAPI has undertaken huge projects in waterproofing and provides service throughout Turkey with its high quality and reliable team.

Our company provides comprehensive service from bottom to top and has the capacity to respond to all kinds of projects.

TEKNOPLUS YAPI maintains its leadership power in the sector by providing quality and economical services to its customers.

As TEKNOPLUS YAPI, we are trying to offer the most suitable solution to our customers by following the rapid development in technology and we are an important service provider in the sector in WATERPROOFING applications with our experienced staff.

Our most distinctive values that make us different from our competitors are: quality in services and materials, to provide solutions suitable for needs, to use our experience in the best way and to combine it with workmanship, and not to compromise on our reasonable price policy.


Our desire to always achieve higher quality and bigger works is our motivation.


Our Mission

To meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level by continuously improving our service quality, to increase our projects throughout Turkey and to be the most preferred company in the sector that offers quality and satisfaction by closely following the developing technologies in waterproofing.


Our Vision

Our company is constantly developing its own methods in its field of expertise in order to increase its services and projects in the waterproofing sector. It is rapidly advancing towards expanding its trained and experienced staff and becoming a reliable and reputable organization that offers quality to the waterproofing industry.


Our Strategies

• A team of trained, talented and experienced staff.
• Close follow-up of new products and methods developing with technology.
• The right product is our right application policy.
• To increase customer satisfaction with quality, permanent and economical service.

Respect for Human

The importance we attach to business and social human relations is the motivation of our work. It ensures customer satisfaction.

Respect for Nature

We attach importance to our understanding of not harming nature and the environment and being beneficial in our services.

Emphasis on Technology

We produce higher quality services in a shorter time by using new technologies.